Wear Your Vitamins

You take your vitamins every day, but do you wear them?

Anna Dello Russo once said, “Accessories are like vitamins to fashion.” We couldn’t agree more. In fact, once you start thinking about it, vitamins and accessories have a number of things in common. Vitamins are to your daily health what accessories are to your daily style. Both give you that little boost that sometimes you didn’t even know you needed.

Just like accessories, vitamins are available in an endless array of options. It’s up to each of us to decide what works best for us. In both cases, you have to take them every day for best results.

As we age, or move through the seasons of the year, we often have to change our assortments. For instance, summer might call for Vitamin C and sunglasses, while winter is better suited to Vitamin D and gloves. A different phase, a different style vitamin, a different health accessory - it’s as simple as that.

Of course there are some accessories and vitamins that come and go with certain seasons of life - these are the “trends.” What we’re interested in are the others stay the same. These unchanging vitamins and accessories are the ones that speak to your natural predisposition. Just as you might take a multivitamin or probiotic no matter how you’re feeling, there are certain accessories in our closets that feel like a part of us. Putting them on is a ritual. Wearing them makes us feel like our truest selves. For some, constants might include diamond studs, All Weather Bangles, Chanel flats. However, sometimes you need that extra boost - that’s when the trending pieces make an appearance. A statement ring. A pair of flashy earrings. A pearl-studded hair clip.

We invite you to approach both daily vitamins and daily accessories with a sense of mindfulness to see how the results change. How can you turn your daily “to-do’s” into a revered ritual?

Instead of going on auto-pilot, remember that it’s up to you to decide what vitamins and accessories you need. What vitamin or accessory will give you the perfect boost that is unique to today? If you go with your classic favorites, choose them with intention.

Next, take note of what happens once you turn these daily habits into daily rituals. Is your health positively effected? Does your self-image improve? Do you like how you feel? Are you grateful for the results?

Posted on May 13, 2019 and filed under Style, Lifestyle, Inspiration.