10 Commandments of Seasonless Style

“Style doesn’t have seasons.” - Polly Allen Mellen

Spring, summer, fall, winter… trends come, and trends go. Occasionally we fall victim to a passing trend, only to look back and say… why? The thing about true style is that it is immune to passing trends. It follows a steady, unwavering course that persists across the seasons and through the years. So if you’re ready to buck the trends and create a wardrobe you'll cherish forever, consider our 10 commandments of seasonless style.

  1. Shop for classic items. Trendy pieces might catch your eye at the department store, but classic items are in it for the long haul because they don’t fall out of fashion. Instead of having a closet overflowing with fanciful flourishes, imagine the peace of a streamlined, capsule wardrobe. Future you will be thankful!

  2. Save for investment pieces. Yes, there might be sticker shock when you find a truly well-made piece of clothing, but remember, it’s worth it. A luxury item will last you longer, and has less of a negative impact on our environment.

  3. Do your research. Before you go all in on an investment piece, do your research! Where was it made? Who made it? What does the company stand for? The way you spend your money influences the industry. Wield your power wisely, BuDhaGirl.

  4. Give it time. Ok, so you’ve found a piece you love, you’ve done your research, you’ve saved, now… give it time. If we each put considerable thought into every purchase we make, imagine how quickly we could rid our closets and the world of the fast fashion turnover.

  5. Prioritize quality. Always choose quality over quantity. Quality is a direct indication of how long a piece will last, and reflects the integrity of the brand behind it.

  6. Consider color. Is the piece you’re wanting a trendy color or a classic color? While the Pantone Color of the Year might feel fun and fabulous in the moment, will you still want to be wearing this same shade 5 years down the road?

  7. Silhouette. An important element of personal style is recognizing which silhouettes work for you and which ones don’t. If an unflattering silhouette is trending, don’t give in and buy it just because it’s everywhere. Choose what’s going to look best on your unique body both now and later.

  8. Is it useful? At the end of the day, a capsule wardrobe is defined by its utilitarian nature. In a capsule wardrobe, there’s a simple and streamlined option to dress (but not overdress) for every situation. For instance, a capsule wardrobe wouldn’t have five types of mid-length cocktail dresses - but maybe just one or two options in neutral, classic colors that you could wear anytime.

  9. Examine craftsmanship. Quality and craftsmanship go hand in hand. They’re both quintessential elements to a beautifully made piece. When you can recognize the craftsmanship in a given garment, and you choose to shop with brands that honor their craftsmen, you do your part to put into motion a worldwide preference for artisanal goods.

  10. Does it reflect who I am? Last but not least, your seasonless wardrobe must do one thing and do it well: reflect who you are. At BuDhaGirl, we think that having style is ultimately a consistent showing of your best, most authentic self.

Go be it, BuDhaGirl.

Posted on May 8, 2019 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Style, Lifestyle.